1. Forget world peace. It’s really…

  2. Yeaaaaaaaah!!! Angola’s answer to eba and soup: calulรบ com funge

  3. Why i felt the need to crouch down i do not know. But nevertheless, today’s #tedxluanda set building session was fun. Everthing kicks off tomorrowwwww!

  4. #tedxluanda founder #januariojano & fellow speakers :-))) Awesome experience.

  5. In flight entertainment? Check. #NewAfrican #MagicSystem #bougerbouger

  6. My #TedxLuanda talk is gonna be in portuguese baby!!!!! Assuming my plan to master the language over the next 48hrs works. I’m feelin confident.

  7. BAM!!!! Angola here i come… :-))

  8. Just got these as a present from someone for Suki. #naijacowgirl

  9. Allow me to introduce Big Jimmy - America’s finest used drone salesman. In next week’s #WUA

  10. Ikenna gives his take on the saga rumbling on between President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, and the African country’s biggest private donor and all round angel, Madonna. WATCH the full WUA episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ChC49EywZ4